Why animation is so effective to tell stories

You have a complex brand message to express, product to sell, people to connect with, and you need to do it in your brand tone of voice, style, express your values, and push your purpose. All at the same time...

Animation, and it’s non moving partner illustration, allow this to happen in ONE HIT.

More so than with lIve action, animation allows you to style up with your brand colours and fonts and house style - and in professional hands, a skilled animatIon director can storyboard your concept then animate it to tell a complex story using techniques unavailable in live actioN, without astronomical post production budgets.

Animation can create really memorable visuals that stay with the customer, just take a look at this brilliant animation ‘Silence Him’ aimed at 18-35 year old voters in the forthcoming USA election for Biden. It tackles Trump’s climate change denial as a key concern for this demographic, it’s simple, smart and memorable.

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