Using photography to elevate your brand

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

“A picture tells a thousand words”.

We are all familiar with this quote, yet as a small business owner, we are often reluctant to invest in professional photography, preferring to use stock or ask an amateur to take product shots. This is understandable when budgets are tightly monitored. And yet a professional photoshoot is a very cost efficient investment in your brand.

Having bespoke images taken will tell your customers that you invest in your brand, that your brand is important, cherished and worthwhile. This will give your customer confidence and create trust in your brand, and you are more likely to make that wished for connection. Professional photography gives your brand authenticity if done well, it shows who you are, what you do, how you do it etc.

On a more practical level, spending money on a photographer,  means you will spend less on your designer. And I speak from experience as a designer! If my client has no imagery to work from, I either need to spend hours sourcing good stock, hours tweaking and fixing bad stock, or hours on illustration and type setting to fill the gaps.

A professional photo shoot will pay dividends when it comes to building a website, again, good photos mean less design time, and good photos will make even the most basic WIX template look LUXE.

Quoting from my one of my favourite blogs ‘Contrastly‘ here are 3 good reasons to use photography to build your brand:

The Quality Of Professional Images Is Incomparable. Sorry, your smart phone may be good, but a pro will sort out the lighting, the angles, the tone, the mood. They have creative input and technical know-how.An Authentic Visual Representations Of Your Brand

Whilst you can source great stock, these will never be able to fully answer to your brand guidelines, and they wont be authentic to your product or service.A Professional Shoot Creates The Images You Want

As you would brief a designer or web developer, a photographer will take time to understand your brief and answer it.

Hiring a professional photographer to launch your new brand is a great way to position yourself above your competition. A good photoshoot is an investment that will build your brand and take it to the next level.

Expect to budget from £800 upwards for a shoot.

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