How A Solid Brand Story Won the General Election

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Post the landslide Conservative Victory last week, commentators and experts from all areas, have been looking for reasons to explain what happened.

It was with interest that I listened to Sir John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University and polling expert when he gave his verdict on Labours failure to gain vote share:

He said it was because they lacked a decent strapline! Really? Is it that simple?

It would seem so - He continued that despite having the most recognised manifesto, the lack of clear and solid messaging and a memorable strapline left voters overwhelmed and confused and is a huge and spectacular example of the 'confuse you lose' concept expressed so well by our in-house favourite Donald Weller of Story Brand.

He says, and we concur, that to succeed, a brand must be backed up with a solid brand story, that can be expressed clearly with a strapline, one-liner and if in longer form across it's website, social media channels and any other areas where it communicates externally to customers and internally to staff.

The Tory's 'Let's Get Brexit Done' mantra, regardless of how misleading it is/was/will be, was simple, repeatable and memorable.

So if a catchy strapline can win an election can it help you win business? If so how do you write one?

There are 3 key points to consider and express to you audience:

  1. What do you offer

  2. How will it make my life better

  3. What do I need to do to buy it

So 'Let's Get Brexit Done' works because it very quickly covers all 3 points.

They are offering Brexit, the tone of the delivery in saying' get it done' we know that it will be sorted out easily and quickly, and we all know by default that to buy this, we need to vote tory....

Clarity produced results.

When we manage our Twobird brands and help our customers write their own stories, we follow the Storybrand 7 step framework -

Identify the hero of your story Clue this is your customer, not your brand. Your customer is the hero, they are not interested in you, only how you can help them. So make them the focus of your story.

  1. Identify their key problem What is it that they need to do, to acquire, to achieve, or to solve, and more importantly how is this problem making them feel right now? (frustrated, scared, embarrassed, annoyed, self-conscious, bored etc?)

  2. How does your brand guide them to success? How will you be the yoda to their Luke Skywalker? How is your brand qualified to help and what does it offer that will solve their problem?

  3. What is the plan of action? As their guide to success, you need to tell them what to do, layout the simple steps to success, make it easy and clear.

  4. Call them to action! Whats the first thing they have to do - make a purchase, schedule a call?

  5. Don't let the hero fail! Remind your customer what is at stake, what will happen if they don't use your brand to help them solve their problems.

  6. Give them a happy ending Explain how great your customers life will be once they have used you! End with a vision of success.

Twobird can't promise to win elections, but we can certainly help you to clarify your messaging. We work as your brand managers, caring, developing and nurturing your most important business asset. Every piece of design, strategy and marketing is founded on the understanding of communicating a solid brand story, having a simple marketing message that speaks to your customers.

If you are interested in talking more about this, please book in a free consultation.

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