Honesty in Branding

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

I love honesty and authenticity in branding – you sell orange juice? Make your building look like a giant orange. Why not?

This amazing Orange Julep building is in Montreal – I used to visit when I was a child, we’d drink their Julep, which I didn’t much like, a combo of orange and milk or something, however the building – what a brand experience! You could see it for miles and it was just so much fun, and 35 years on, I still remember it.

So how can you create your own Orange Julep building for your brand?

Heritage, Sincerity Stay true to your roots, if applicable, show your background,  and where you come from. And don’t fake it, no one likes being sold a fake, and the same is true for brands.Instead, use storytelling to build the story around how your product or service is designed, and why it takes the journey it does. When it comes to sincerity, think about the ways in which you might show the “soul” of your company.

Innovate From Inc.com In some ways, a brand’s heritage, sincerity, and commitment to quality are now high stakes for consumers. In 2017, the top rated “authentic” brands were chosen not just because of their history, but because they “continually demonstrate a commitment to innovation.” Amazon was at the top of this list, followed by PayPal and Burt’s Bees.

As a microbrand make sure you keep tweaking and updating your services, and products, by experimenting and evolving, you take your customers with you on the journey, and that is an honest path!

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