Don't let COVID-19 undermine your brand

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Last week during our planning sessions we were discussing our own messaging around how we can help our clients deliver a safe customer experience without undermining the brand.

Business leaders know that brands take many years of effort and investment to grow their brand equity. And they know those with strong brands, those who look beyond the short term, are most likely to weather this pandemic storm.

But back to now, the recovery phase. As we return to reopening, it will be the true test of how brands will thrive…even survive.

One way to do this is to explore how customer facing brands, such as hotels, provide the message that they are safe, but also that it is still a pleasurable experience. How do they welcome guests back without it feeling like a visit to hospital? And how do they think beyond the immediate ‘how do we make it safe’ but to also think, ‘how can we also make this pleasurable and positively memorable for our customers or guests?

Brands can now re-evaluate their role in people’s lives in more meaningful ways. And with uncertainty around recovery, it is now more important than ever that brands maintain their presence and do more for their customers.

The behavioural principle of reciprocity which suggests that consumers will remember positively the brands that they felt looked after them during this time.

WARC think the same. Their recent report echoes what we say - that brands must be thinking beyond the short-term fixes and develop strategies for both brand and customer journey post COVID-19.

Whilst some brands have been great at preparing basic visual cues to stay safe, have they considered how their staff behave, or making their visual cues such as signage, content and messaging, more interactive and aligned with the visually identity or values…. Lots to think about!

WARC also say “What’s more important (and harder to do) is how brands can thrive and become better for people in the long term,”

Separate research from Salesforce and PwC indicates that this is hugely significant to consumers: 84% of customers say a brand’s experience is as important as its products and services and 86% are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Remember, it is possible to combine profit with purpose, think of Leon’s Feed Britain initiative. And we at TwoBird love brands who have real purpose :-)

This is a unique opportunity for brands to reignite consumer confidence by investing in better customer experience.

Happy reopening!

Get in touch to see how we can bring some creativity and strategic thinking to your reopening.

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