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Laura is a strategic leader with 20 years client-side hospitality brand management experience. This brings a unique empathetic perspective to our TwoBird clients.

Her time working cross-brand at IHG provides a deep understanding of the sector and how to unpack a brand challenge and define a solution. She has a solid understanding of how brands work and the impact that great design has on customer experience.

Laura knows that customer satisfaction is at the heart of creating a successful brand. This informs the way Laura will define, refine and deliver your project.

For over 20 years, Lisa has led branding, animation, motion, and experiential projects for the likes of Ford, Samsung, Save the Children, Elton John and The Rolling Stones.

This multi-media design experience means she can assess a brand challenge from a variety of perspectives. And as a visual problem solver she is always searching for the most unique and creative solution.

Experience has demonstrated the transformative effect of great, functional design, it's ability to solve business problems, improve the customer experience, and ultimately build brand equity.

Lisa Wrake

Creative Director

& Co-founder

Laura Chapman

Head of Strategy & Planning


Together we are the perfect down to earth duo who have a combination of world class design and creative management skills.  Between us and our highly talented close network, we solve problems visually - metaphorically & practically - and we are driven by the desire to achieve outcomes that really work. Energy and optimism come as standard. 
We work with founders and marketers who value executional details, aesthetics and who view these as precious commodities for their business. Businesses who value people, planet, prosperity and aim to create memorable experiences for their customers to grow their business.
We think visually, problem solve visually, and represent your brand visually.


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