TwoBird is an independent full-service creative and design firm. Led by strategy and creative heads, we work with our talented team of freelancers which means we are flexible and nimble enough to suit you. 
We help define your marketing challenges, then build the perfect team to solve them. Win win. 
Specialising in travel, hospitality and young bold businesses. Branding | Creative | Design | Experience

Age does have advantages, and this is one of them - we bring over 40+ combined years of creative brand experience to solve your brand and creative challenges. We see every challenge as a creative brief.


Our work has directly contributed to raising over 2 million pound for our charitable brands. 

£2000 000+

TwoBird is small but our rich and diverse network of top creative freelancers is unlimited. We curate and manage your bespoke creative team. 


be memorable

be profitable

be loved

Let's make a beautiful brand

be memorable

be profitable

be loved

TwoBird bring your brand and marketing strategies to life through the power of creative thinking and great design.

How we help you 

Creative Consultation 

We listen and think, we consult and discuss, then we devise creative solutions to solve your marketing challenges and if you need it, we also implement those changes.

  • Creative strategy

  • Branding & identity

  • Experiential & Interactive

  • Naming

  • Brand messaging & story

  • Tone of Voice

  • Creative  & Art Direction

Content Design

Your marketing strategy undoubtedly needs a continual stream of branded content. We deliver perfectly designed branded content to work across media. 

  •  Social media content

  • UX & UI design

  • Print

  • Motion graphics & animation

  • Film production

  • Photography

  • Illustration

How we help you

We specialise

We specialise in the hospitality and travel sectors and have an expertise in developing branding for young businesses. 

We make brands memorable by defining, refining and designing

beautiful branding and captivating storytelling that inspires people to

choose you, try you, love you and recommend you.

Using our 40+ years combined creative brand experience, we see every business challenge as a creative brief, where we unlock the

simple human truths behind peoples’ perceptions and behaviours and

then we connect them to your brand in a meaningful way, a way that successfully transforms your business and your brand.

What our clients say

James Lemon, CEO

" The TwoBird team have been a delight to work with. They have a real talent for helping young companies who are defining their brand, audience and products in real-time, with a pragmatic and engaged approach."

Nadra Shaw, CMO

"After years of organic growth, our brand had lost clarity. Twobird created structure, re-organised our design, produced guidelines and designed some great content"

Tina Morris, Head of Visitor Engagement

"Since our rebrand, visitor numbers have increased from 80k to 150k per annum to the point were we are at capacity! Twobird continue to work with us regularly delivering singage and marketing content."

Ginny Kearns, Events Manager

"It was a great pleasure to work with you, such a lovely bunch of talented professionals - The lastest fundraising total is £1.6million, we are truly grateful."