YOLO Retreats

  • YOLO Retreats
  • 2 April, 2017
  • Branding, web development
  • yoloretreats.com

A new luxury retreats business, we were brought in to develop a beautiful and rich brand, developing the strategy through to visual identity and brand implementation.

We reviewed the competitive landscape and customer segmentaition, and defined their niche and USP – we then translated this into a visual identity that would stand out and feel luxurious.

An instagram brand

This brand was to be marketed exclusively through Instagram so their feed was a primary customer touchpoint and had to be on-brand at all times. We created a 9 grid instagram style guide and a variety of templates on CANVA. We also included animated gifs to tease the new logo.

To differentiate and create warmth, we used a deep brown colour palette, with rich green and bronze as a metallic highlight. We illustrated geometric patterns and created a library of photographs that emphasises the mood of the retreats rather than the actual activities on offer.

I am very fussy, difficult to please and can be awkward to work with. So honestly, Lisa is absolutely first class and we have been delighted with the work carried out for us. Creative, professional but most importantly, she really understands your business and what you are trying to achieve. What more can I say, other than highly recommended and we salute her work.
James Golden Founder of YOLO Retreats.

Any printed collateral need to have a premium luxurious feel, so we used a gold foil and varied covers for the business cards, gift certificates and invites.

Sacred Geometry

We designed a dark website which is different to other retreat sites and immediately brings a sense of peace and relaxation. We used circles and geometry to suggest mindfulness and peace.

We designed the sitemap, content architecture and visuals, and the site was build in WordPress by frogspark.com