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  • Sleepfairy
  • 8 April, 2016
  • wordpress website, branding, illustration, merchendise, social media

Brand creation for successful solo-preneur The Sleepfairy in Henley On Thames, including a wordpress website, and branded merchendise.

Dee Booth was facing a challenge common to sole traders who sell themselves as the sole service provider. Ho‍‍‍w do you expand your business, or provide this service when you are unavailable?  The answer is to build a brand around your service and sell that instead; Create a strong brand your customers can trust and believe in, then bring in other consultants under your brand to provide the same service, and allowing you grow.

A unique visual identity

The Visual identity included upgrading her blog into a responsive brochure website using WordPress, styling her social media and illustrating a Sleep Fairy Manual.

Since the brand development her business has increased 6 fold with multiple Sleep Fairies now in operation! With a business that deals with children it is essential to have a trustworthy and professional brand presence and the increase in business is a testament to that.

Twobird designed and developed a unique visual identity that help me to expand and grow my business into a recogniseable brand. I now have multiple sleep fairies going out across the south east of the UK, and a regular slot on our local BBC radio station!
Dee Booth Sleep Fairy Founder