Emma Hazelwood Interiors

Emma Hazelwood represents the interior design wing of Twobird client Hazelwood Builders. Whilst being a stand alone brand, it would have the same brand strategy as the parent brand and therefore we wanted to borrow some elemtns from Hazelwood Builders to create a link in the customers’ minds.

Handwritten script

Emma was keen to create a lifestyle brand with a personal touch, so we opted for a handwritten signature, but introduced clean sans serif fonts for the straplines to keep it feeling clean and unfussy.


Customised WIX website

Emma Hazelwood had a WIX site already build so for this project, Twobird customised the homepage then provided website guidelines for her to follow and develop the rest of the site in her own time.

The brand serves as a showcase to other designers; fabrics, wallpapers, furnishing, so the colours needed to be muted so as not to clash. We however developed a set of fabric inspired and created a muted  monochromatic palette of blues, off-set by the bright Hazelwood acid yellow from the parent brand.