Save The Children

  • Save The children
  • 5 May, 2019
  • Brand Experience, Motion Graphics, Animation, Storyboarding

We were delighted to be invited to direct the digital content for the Save The Children Centenary Gala Event at the Roundhouse this year!

Lisa’s extensive experience working with large scale screens, delivering content for big band tours for the likes of Elton John and U2 meant she had a unique approach and could bring some rock and roll to a charity gala!

Environmental & Event design

Instead of the usual single screen proposal, with standard video content, we suggested a more immersive approach; to surround the interior of the Round house with 11 huge monolithic screens, displaying motion graphics that would wrap around the audience.
We were asked to deliver 3 films, and worked alongside Theatre Director Anthony Biggs to :
  1. Tell the Story Of Eglantine Jebb, Founder of Save The Children
  2. Animate the Rights of Children using archival footage
  3. Provide a backdrop for Emilé Sandé’s performance

With a bold and ‘in your face’ colour palette we storyboarded to scripts and used a combination of archival vintage footage, typography and hand drawn animation.

We used DADA and revolutionary graphics as our artistic influence to express the air of revolution in 1914, and to represent the bold and unapologetic new brand approach of Save The Children.

The Story Of Eglantine Jebb

The Rights Of Children

Emilé Sandé - You Are Not Alone