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  • Rarebreeds Centre
  • 2 February, 2018
  • branding, logo, signage, illustrations, customer experience
  • rarebreedskent.com

We have been part of the Rarebreeds team since 2012, when Lisa came on board initially to offer graphic design support.

The Rarebreeds Centre had grown organically over it’s 25 years, from a small residential centre for adults with learning disabilities, to one of Kent’s largest visitor attractions. It’s marketing and branding had been reactive rather than proactive, and had never been prioritised, in fact it hardly existed at all.

A Gradual Comprehensive Rebrand

In 2014 Lisa suggested and initiated a full rebrand of the visitor centre, which she also extended to the other Canterbury Oast Trust brands – or lifeskills.
Minimal marketing budget and fierce customer and staff loyalty meant this was a sensitive project and it was therefore approached gradually and carefully, with time given to get buy in from all interested parties.
Initially the colours were consolidated, then the fonts, and only 18 months later, was the logo reviewed.
Moving the brand forward
With clear signage systems, cohesive customer touchpoints, a fresh original visual identity and of course a huge amount of work from the RBC team internally the centre immediately saw on increase in visitors from 80,000 to 100,000 and today in 2019, visitors are up to 120,000 per year.
Today Twobird continue to support the head of visitor attraction by developing and designing marketing campaigns and signage systems.