Lido Cafe Parliament Fields

  • Lido Cafe
  • 8 April, 2016
  • Branding, logo, signage, packaging

The contract to run the famous Lido at Parliament Hill in London was won by Tara Kingsley, and she wanted to bring her vision for the business to life with a new brand.

Twobird was brought it to develop the visual identity, and with the architecture of the iconic Lido being pure art deco, we wanted to capture this heritage feel in the branding.

Art Deco Inspiration

We used a minimal two colour contrasting colour palette, and used a classic sans serif font. We created signage, and also illustrated maps of the area to add to the printed collateral and help way-find.

This project was a joy to work on – with art deco as inspiation, the iconic and unique location and concept of water, we came up with a lot of beautiful concepts – using water colour, patterns and textures. Unfortunatly only 1 can be chosen!