Badgemore Primary School

  • Badgemore Primary School
  • 9 February, 2015
  • branding, logo, uniforms, signage

Badgemore took on a new headteacher after a ‘needs improving’ Ofsted report.

Within months, the school was thriving but it’s public image was still lagging behind. Lisa came on board to offer strategic brand advice, which demonstrated the need for a full rebrand with a completely new visual identity for the school.

A unique school needs a unique identity

The atmosphere and confidence of the school needed to be reflected back at the community – it’s small classroom sizes and  unique position as a forest school was were also missing from it’s brand strategy.
Classic, reliable yet modern

The original logo had a badger which we wanted to keep but it needed updating. We redrew it, and included an oak leaf to represent the forest. We also kept the colour scheme for continutiy, but introduced a classic serif font to give a sense of heritage and reliabilty.

We wanted to use recycled materials where possible and low-imapct printing methods to emphasise Badgemore’s commitment to the environment and its tailored approach to each child.

Texture was important to the brand, so we used watercolour to create the logo and used stamps from the and un coated paper for branded marketing materials.

To continue the feeling of uniqueness, we also used square business cards from

As a Governor at a community Primary school in Henley-on-Thames, I am responsible for managing our rebranding initiative. Lisa worked with parents, students, staff and school leadership to deliver a consistent message that we all felt genuinely reflects how we see Badgemore. Lisa was a very empathetic partner in the design process with insightful and original contributions that have delivered a unique message targeted to our school and community audience. She was pivotal in the design of the new school uniform and accessories and very original in conceiving our floating school signage and worked with a local company to fabricate it to our specifications. Lisa was always mindful of our budget constraints and showed thoughtfulness and creativity are the critical elements for highly effective results. We are delighted to have Lisa work with us and create a powerful and much admired brand recognition of Badgemore in Henley in a very short timeframe.
Tuc Ahmed Governor, Badgemore Primary School.