03 Brand Communications

Keeping your brand visible, both off-line and on-line is so time consuming. And with multiple social media channels, it is hard to know where to start.

We help you devise a marketing plan and then we can implement it for you – with our team of PR and marketing experts we can find the right channels and use them effectively.

Brand Story

(aka your brand message)

If marketing makes your brain hurt, or explaining what you do complicated, we can create your brand story.  We will create and clarify your key brand message which will invite your customer in, connect with your customers. Once created, your brand story can be used repeatedly across your marketing channels such as your website copy, or internally with teams.

Social Media & Online Marketing

From creating templates for you to implement, through to full on social media marketing strategy & execution, we can help.

Using Social Media and online marketing is a cost effective way to regularly interact with your target market, to build your brand & encourage valuable engagement.

Across all social media channels we can support with

  • Strategy & planning
  • Social media management
  • Influencer outreach & engagement
  • Facebooks ads

Content marketing, email & blogging services

These are all the time consuming yet essential activities to help keep your customers up to date, engaged, and your SEO ahead of the game.

  • Email campaign management
  • Email automation
  • Email set up
  • Content creation
  • Blogging – we can craft the right blog post for your ideal customer on a regular basis
  • Create regular newsletters
  • Creative copywriting – campaigns, website, emails, leaflets….


Make the most of your lovely website and invest in SEO! With website optimisation it gives you opportunity to expand your presence across the internet and having traffic delivered to your website in the most cost effective way possible.

Here’s a useful guide to keep you going in the meantime! Download here

Content Creation

Need a leaflet or poster quick-sharp?  Need a pop-up banner, or a social media template?  We can help with all your design needs, even animation and motion graphics.

Animated digital content created for Save The Children Centenary Gala 2019


Amplify and grow your brand presence, as well as build relations through carefully planned PR activity – from a single press release to full PR campaigns. Services can include…

  • Influencer outreach and management
  • Press coverage
  • Event management
  • Photoshoots
  • Advertising
  • Brand partnerships
  • Social Media management
Photoshoot for the Rarebreeds Centre in Kent
Advertising billboard for HWPA


Failing to connect brand strategy with execution is where brands can suffer. Does your strategy eat culture for breakfast (as the saying goes)?

Building a strong brand takes the whole company, not just the marketing team or business owner.

The playbook is the custom designed book to bridge the strategy to execution gap and empowers everyone within the business to deliver the brand consistently.  It takes the whole organisation to to build a brand   – how does the shiny lovely brand translate in to the types of action and behaviours of the other people and teams within the business – the playbook will help with this.

Think of it a bit like an operators manual which lays out how people should interpret the brand, translate the right behaviours and empower them to make decisions about the brand.


If you have a great marketing manager or team,  perhaps you just need some consultancy and help setting out your on-going marketing or brand implementation plan. We can work on an hourly basis, provide workshops, or co-create a 6-12 month brand communications plan.