Using photography to elevate your brand

“A picture tells a thousand words”. We are all familiar with this quote, yet as a small business owner, we are often reluctant to invest in professional photography, preferring to use stock or ask an amateur to take product shots. This is understandable when budgets are tightly monitored. And yet a professional photoshoot is a very

Brand Insights

Brand insights from my time with the big brands – and yes, this applies to small businesses, ALL business. Here are some insights I picked up when working at a global big brand company. The theme here is to really look after your customer when developing your brand or marketing plan – your customer, their

Honesty in Branding

I love honesty and authenticity in branding - you sell orange juice? Make your building look like a giant orange. Why not? This amazing Orange Julep building is in Montreal - I used to visit when I was a child, we'd drink their Julep, which I didn't much like, a combo of orange and milk