Twobird is a collective of brand creatives, designers and marketing freelancers led by Laura Chapman and Lisa Wrake.

Our purpose

We aim to bridge the gap between big agency & freelancer, brand strategy & design, streamlining resources so you don’t have to.

We want to bring new ambitious brands to life and revitalise established ones, and ensure the brands we work with are the consumer’s preferred choice and stand out in a crowded space.

We also understand most small business owners are too busy to develop and communicate their brand effectively, and don’t have the budget available to employ a marketing manager. So we support independent brands by sharing our knowledge of the big brands and major agencies in a way that is flexible and accessible.

So, why aren’t we an agency? We operate in a way that allows us to remain agile and keep costs competitive whilst still providing the skills, quality and service of a top agency.  We embrace the shift towards the collective way of working allowing us to deliver the most authentic creative work.

We want business to thrive, be heard in today’s busy and noisy world and support independent brands to stand shoulder to shoulder with their competition.

Our approach

We believe the customer must be at the heart of all branding to achieve an emotional and lasting connection with the consumer.  Growing and communicating your brand coherently, ensuring you have a commercially successful brand is our main focus.

We get under the skin of your business to explore your challenges, goals, and visions.  We pour ourselves into each step of the process and become your brand champions.

How? Using our respected and collaborative approach, Lisa & Laura lead the team, pulling together trusted design,  brand and marketing experts to deliver your branding and brand communications. We meticulously review and curate all the work and take you on the journey (if that’s what you want!).  We have the heart and soul of an agency, but with the freedom and flexibility to suit your needs.

We become your brand partners enabling you to get on with running your business.

The Twobird Founders

Laura Chapman is an open-minded brand strategist and planner with an eye for bringing ideas to life, insights, future state thinking & customer/consumer focused approach.  Passionate about great service, innovation with a love for brands and how they work, she loves to connect consumers at an emotional level to create brands that truly resonate.

Her background includes 14 years working with senior leadership across global, multi-regional brand development and operational projects bringing a commercial and creative blend to projects.

Lisa Wrake is a highly experienced and talented multi-media designer. She is transformative, imaginative and innovative in her approach and her expertise spans from graphic design through to illustration, web design and motion graphics.

After working as an art director at agencies Imagination and Moving Brands, Lisa began working directly with small businesses to develop their branding 12 years ago.

She is passionate about designing visual identities that represent the brand, stand out and are truly unique that founders and customers alike will love. Having worked with the likes of U2 and Elton John she is most passionate about supporting small business and community. Hugely entrepreneurial and collaborative, you’ll be in safe hands with Lisa.

Our Brand Values

  • Integrity (honest and open, we won’t do things for the sake of it)
  • Approachable (we are down to earth yet professional)
  • Practical (we look for practical solutions for our clients, we don’t just talk the talk)
  • Responsible (we hold ourselves accountable for the work we deliver)
  • Customer focused (building meaningful and lasting relationships)
  • Innovative (staying ahead of the game, creatively and strategically, so our customers don’t have to)

Lisa Wrake

Co-founder & Creative Director

Laura Chapman

Co-founder & Head of Strategy and Planning

Claire Icel

Digital Marketing Expert

Ruth Buckingham

Content Creator

Andrea O’Brien

Senior Designer


PR Expert

Alex Ashton

Creative Copywriter

Aaron Cranfield

Designer and strategist

The main benefit of branding tools, and reason to employ them, is to boost profits.